Friday, 7 May 2010

A new interesting project: Data Management for Bio-Imaging

A new data management project funded by JISC known as Data Management for Bio-Imaging has just created a wiki that will contain relevant information about the project.

The aim of the project is to generate better understanding and planning of data management for bio-imaging within the John Innes Centre

The project plans to document the data flows and infrastructure in the Coen Lab and the JISC Bio-Imaging service. In both cases they use sophisticated instruments such as light microscopy, CCD systems and confocal microscopy generating terabytes of imaging data.

To address their data management needs they are deploying an Open Microscopy Environment known as OMERO which features like:

- Managing and organizing
- Search&Browsing
- 3D Projection
- Metadata, annotation, tagging
- Share, Export, Import

In addition to this, they will train users, including post-docs, to use the system as well as defining strategies to handle user acceptance and encourage image processing.

This is an extremely interesting activity and we´ll surely keep a close eye.

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