Friday, 23 October 2009

EIDCSR technical analysis: from soft to hard

After having conducted the EIDCSR audit and requirements analysis exercise, we have started converting the high level requirements gathered into technical requirements. The idea is to produce a systems design document for a Systems Developer to start with the implementation. Howard Noble, from Computing Services, is leading this exercise for the next two months.

To start with the technical analysis, Howard and I have had a very fruitful meeting this morning. We have brainstormed ideas for a high level system design trying to identify the practical things that can be done to support the data management workflows of the research groups taking part in EIDCSR.

Using a board to produce a "rich picture" recording the processes we have encountered and our thoughts was extremely useful. We will now produce a "cleaner" version of this picture and bring it forward to key people in the research groups in a workshop. This will hopefully helps us to communicate what the project aims to achieve as well as getting feedback on the design so that researchers requirements drive any development .

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