Monday, 12 October 2009

"Science these days has basically turned into a data-management problem"

The New York Times has an article about future scientists' ability to manage the large amounts of digital data being generated and how the likes of IBM or Google are trying to help, "Training to Climb an Everest of Digital Data", IBM and Google are contributing tools, computational power and access to large-scale datasets. It was actually two years ago this month that Google and IBM announced their partnership to provide universities with dedicated cluster computing resources, open source software, a dedicated website for collaboration, and a Creative Commons-licensed curriculum. In April this year the NSF funded projects at 14 US universities to take advantage of the IBM/Google Cloud Computing University Initiative. The New York Times article highlights some of these projects. The emphasis is certainly on the massive -- big compute clusters, big datasets -- and on data analysis. Not much though on the ongoing management of, access to, and preservation of data, even if Professor Jimmy Lin (University of Maryland) is quoted as saying, “Science these days has basically turned into a data-management problem”.

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